Tidewater Atlantic Research, Inc.
Remote Sensing
Target Identification & Assessment
Site Evaluation
GIS Development
Archival & Historical Research
TAR’s consultation services include literature, archival and cartographic research to determine the potential of cultural resources within specific project areas. TAR personnel are fully experienced in the conduct of literature and cartographic searches and each project is tailored to meet specific research goals and project requirements. Research is conducted according to criteria established in the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Guidelines (Federal Register 1984) and 36 CFR, Recovery of Scientific, Prehistoric, Historic and Archaeological Data: Methods, Standards and Reporting Requirements (Federal Register 1977).

In order to accurately identify and assess potentially significant cultural resources that may be impacted by project related activities TAR personnel conduct historical and cartographic research from a number of repositories including Federal and state archives and libraries, private institutions and TAR’s own research library which contains of over 1,000 volumes and over 500 historic and current maps and charts. In addition, personnel consult with state SHPOs, local archaeologists, watermen, sport and commercial divers, knowledgeable professional and avocational historians and interested lay person who may possess knowledge of a specific project area.

Information gathered during the background research is used to generate a historical framework for each project site identifying types of resources which may have been deposited in the project vicinity and determining the nature and extent of subsequent activities that may have removed or disturbed such resources.

Historical documents and maps let archaeologists identify wreck sites, historic land use and patterns of development.