Tidewater Atlantic Research, Inc.
Archival & Historical Research
Remote Sensing
Target Identification & Assessment
Site Evaluation
GIS Development
Submerged Cultural Resource Management
Tidewater Atlantic Research, Inc. [TAR] was formed in July 1979, to provide historical and archaeological research and cultural resources management services to state and federal agencies, municipalities, institutions, corporations and organizations requiring specialized skills in submerged cultural resource research and management. In order to provide the most appropriate combination of skills and experience, projects are organized on an individual basis with key personnel containing backgrounds in underwater prehistoric and historic archaeology, historical research and writing, cultural resource location, identification, assessment, mitigation and computer based management programs such as geographical information systems. Staff experience includes expertise in acoustic and magnetic remote sensing, self contained and surface supplied compressed air or mixed gas diving operations, underwater photographic and video documentation and artifact analysis and conservation. To ensure sensitivity to each client's individual needs and project objectives, TAR maintains the flexibility to provide any combination of support and assistance from problem-oriented consultation and service assistance to complete project development, conduct and reporting. TAR has extensive experience in a variety of conditions and environments and is able to provide accurate and reliable archaeological services in lakes, rivers, reservoirs, inlets and offshore open-ocean areas.